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Kickboxing Interval Training


Kickboxing Interval Training

Kickboxing interval training with a heavy bag provides an awesome calorie burning workout that will boost your metabolism.  It's fun to do and it's also a great stress reliever allowing you to take out your frustrations on the heavy bag.  Kickboxing, Muay Thai, MMA, and martial arts enthusiasts will especially like this interval workout that involves mixing up punches and kicks within the intervals.

The goal is to punch and kick the heavy bag fast and hard during 6 sets of 30 second work intervals followed by 15 second rest intervals.  During the work intervals alternate sporadically with lefts and rights.  For the rest intervals you can just pace around to catch your breath.  Also, be mindful of your balance and keep your kickboxing form sound.  Don't kick box so fast and wildly that you lose balance and your technique becomes sloppy.  You'll notice that each work interval gets a little harder than the last one and completing the last few of them will be tough if you're pushing yourself hard enough.

As you will see from my example you can create many kickboxing combinations for an interval program.  Kneeing and elbowing can also be incorporated into the intervals.  If you don't own a heavy bag you can always do shadow kickboxing as a substitute.  Always warm up before the intervals and cool down afterwards.

Interval Chart:

 Kickboxing Intervals  (Time: 4.5 min.)  Sets
 30s of straight punches + 15s rest  1
 30s of low kicks + 15s rest  2
 30s of hooks + 15s rest  3
 30s of high kicks + 15s rest  4
 30s of punches mixed with low kicks + 15s rest  5
 30s of punches mixed with high kicks + 15s rest  6