Intervals for Cardio


Heart Rate Monitors

Heart Rate Monitors are the most convenient way to track your Target Heart Rate Zone during interval training workouts.  They instantly alarm you if you stray outside of your desired high and low target zones, so you will know right away if you are pushing yourself too easy, just right, or too hard while training.  Rather than stopping in the middle of a workout to take your pulse, heart rate monitors conveniently provide an instant reading by pressing a button or touching sensors, and some even provide continuous monitoring.  Some heart rate monitors require wearing a wireless transmitter chest strap for continuous monitoring while others are strapless.  Some are worn as wristbands like a watch and some are worn as armbands.  There are also sport shirts and bras which have sensors woven into the fabric that replaces having to wear a chest strap.  And high end heart rate monitors will have more built in features than low end monitors.

Start training safer and more effectively by staying within your Target Heart Rate Zone with one of these top-rated heart rate monitors.  Conveniently browse brands under Browse by Category and click on an item to read customer reviews.